Nick Assef Is Skilled In The Development Of Deal Structures

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Lincoln Crowne & Company is a top notch corporate advisory firm based in Australia and servicing clients both in Australia and internationally, including advising clients on cross border opportunities. Lincoln Crowne & Company specializes in advice regarding Mergers & Acquisitions as well as detailed strategic and corporate advice.

The collections of skills available to Lincoln Crowne & Company include an understanding of game theory, a deep knowledge concerning the legal framework as it regards Mergers & Acquisitions, valuation analysis, and negotiation or deal structuring skills. This collection of skills and knowledge has enabled Lincoln Crowne & Company to become a highly regarded corporate advisory firm.

In order to handle Mergers & Acquisitions or to help a company, investor, or director to maximize profits or structure a deal, it is neccesary to have a wealth of knowledge and experience with the industry in which that company operates. The industries in which Lincoln Crowne & Company has the most experience and understanding are: Industrial, Industrial Services, Engineering, Mining Services, Energy, Metals, Technology, and Telecommunications.

Nick Assef is a corporate adviser who is skilled in the development of deal structures and options which seek out the compromise between all parties involved in a dispute, even where those parties might be hostile to each other. Nick Assef is the Executive Chairman of Lincoln Crowne & Company and is, personally, highly skilled in corporate advisement.

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